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About the Office of Rail and Road

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) is the independent safety and economic regulator for Britain's railways, and is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the performance and efficiency of Highways England. For information about our road duties please visit the main ORR website.

As the health and safety regulator of the railway industry, our primary function is to secure the safe operation of the railway system, and to protect both those working on the system and members of the public from health and safety risks arising from the railways.

Our principal rail economic regulatory functions are to regulate Network Rail's stewardship of the national rail network, to licence operators of railway assets and to approve track, station and light maintenance depot access.

Copies of approved licences, access contracts and associated documents are placed on our public register which can be accessed via this site.

Searching the Public Register

You can enter your search terms in the search box at the top of the page and select whether the document must contain all of the specified terms (this is the default) or the document can contain any of them.

If you search for an operating company name you could retrieve thousands of results. It is best to use a combination of search terms such as document type and operating company name or facility. For example:

  • Abellio station licence
  • Aln Valley licence exemption
  • Bat and Ball station specific annexes

Every document on the register is given a reference number. The reference number usually includes codes for the document type and the operating company. If you know the reference number you can search for it. You can also search for part of a reference number to retrieve all documents of a particular type for a specific operating company:

  • GAS/22/216/13/01
  • GAS/22/216/

To be more specific you may specify phrases within quotes:

  • "London North Eastern" "connection agreement"
  • "new barnet" platform

An asterisk will act as a wildcard only at the end of a term and will not work within quotes

  • Great*
  • "Great* Anglia" WILL NOT WORK

When specifying Must include all terms:

  • The search can then include an OR condition by using the "|" symbol
  • Brackets can be used to group conditions
  • To exclude results with a certain term use the minus symbol, "-"


  • "new barnet" | "hadley wood"
  • "new barnet" (platform|bridge)
  • "new barnet" -platform
  • ("Greater Anglia"|Great*) -abellio
  • ("Greater Anglia"|Great*) | abellio
  • (railtrack|"network rail") hatfield -colliery -peverel

To help you with your searches lists of company codes and station annex reference numbers are available.

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If you have any queries, please e-mail the Public Register administrator.

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